Updated Election Results for Nader/Gonzalez State by State

Take Action: Help Nader/Gonzalez Get Out the Vote!

The map below is interactive and will help you find Nader/Gonzalez supporters in your area. Click and drag to move around the map or use the arrows in the upper left corner. Use the zoom menu on the right side of the map to view your state. You can view all the organizers in your area or sort by selected categories (i.e. state coordinator, regional, campus, etc). Once you select your area, click on the color coded markers to view contact information for each organizer or office. You can also click on the state by state map under the interactive map to go directly to your state's page. Below the map is a list of six ways to get involved and help us get out the vote!

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Final Ballot Access state bv State Breakdown (PDF, 500kb)

Click for more information on local organizing in your state:

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Top Six Ways You Can Help:

  1. Help Nader/Gonzalez get out the vote in your state. Click on your state, and contact your state or regional coordinator, to find out how you can help Nader/Gonzalez get out the vote in your state.

  2. Become a community contact in your congressional district or county. Our long term goal beyond November is to recruit 1000 people in every congressional district to take back our democracy from corporate control.

  3. Contribute to finance the GOTV effort. We need to raise $1 million for our GOTV campaign. Click here to contribute.

  4. Join the full-time GOTV field staff. If you can work full-time from now to November for the GOTV effort in your state, or are willing to travel, then please contact Christina Tobin at 312-320-4101 or email christina@votenader.org.

  5. Start a campus chapter. Spread the word on your campus and plan events to inform students about the Nader/Gonzalez campaign. Email christinaqura@votenader.org or patrick@votenader.org to get started.

  6. Buy merchandise like yard signs, bumper stickers, mugs, and t-shirts at the official Nader/Gonzalez store and help create visibility for our campaign in your community.

Help Get Out the Vote!

Volunteers and roadtrippers have made it happen! We met all of our ballot access goals and now Nader/Gonzalez is on the ballot in 45 states. That’s more states than Ralph had in both 2000 and 2004 – a phenomenal feat that could not have happened without all of your help!

But the task is not yet finished. Now it is time to get out the vote! We must mobilize supporters around the country to help in a variety of ways. We need coordinators and volunteers to help lay the groundwork for our long-term goal beyond the election cycle of activating 1000 people in every Congressional district to take back control from the corporate lobbyists on the crucial issues.

The only way we can do this is with your help.

Students! Interested in starting a student chapter in your area, please contact our student coordinator Christina Qura.

Go Vote! Click here to find your polling place, or how to write-in vote. Under 18? Check out conscious-kids.org.

Action Items: Five Things You Can Do Right Now to Get Out the Vote

  1. Spread the word by talking to friends, family members, coworkers or neighbors who are on the fence. Studies show that face-to-face campaigning is the most effective way to get out the vote.

  2. Hang posters in local businesses or distribute flyers and pamphlets around your neighborhood or at a local event. Check out our print-outs online.

  3. Host “An Unreasonable Man” screening with 10 people you know who are on the fence. Please contact Sally at sally@votenader.org for more info.

  4. Help get Ralph into the debates. Check out our new Open the Debates page (link) for ways to help us bring Ralph's voice to the public.

  5. Publicize the website by emailing 5 friends right now or posting a banner on your blog, MySpace, Facebook, or YouTube page, and by adding us to your friends.