Updated Election Results for Nader/Gonzalez State by State

Voter Resources


1. Finding your voting location/absentee voting/early voting information:

Enter your address to the right to find your voting location and access your Secretary of State or Board of Elections website for information on voting (absentee, early voting).

2. Where to vote early, and where to vote on November 4, what to bring, and contact information for your local board of elections.


1. Write In State Instructions (links to sample ballot and write in instructions)

2. Sample Ballots (visit our GOTV action center and click on your state)

3. Practice voting and see if you’ll be casting electronic or paper ballots (by entering your zip code here)


1. Check if you’re registered to vote

You can call your county board of electors, or you can try the following sites:

2. Same Day Voter Registration Allowed in the Following States:

3. Same Day Registration for Early Voting


1. More info on early voting and absentee voting can be found here.

2. List of states with early voting. The following states permit no excuse, in-person early voting at election offices and, in some states, other satellite locations. (Updated October 9, 2008)

Voter’s Pledge

I pledge to vote because it is my civic duty to be, in Thomas Jefferson’s word, a ‘participator’ in our democratic society, and because the power brokers, the big boys, would rather I not vote at all. I pledge never to vote for any elected official or candidate who has regularly voted against me, my family, my community and the health, safety and well-being of my fellow Americans. I pledge to spend sufficient time learning about the records of the candidates and about the subjects that I want them to seriously campaign for until Election Day. I pledge to strive to meet the candidates or at least urge that they meet with citizens in real time, as in a local auditorium, for two way questions and answers. I pledge to urge my circle of friends, relatives and co-workers to vote, and in so doing, engage them in conversations about the improvement of our society for us and our descendants. Finally, I pledge to urge appropriate people to run for elective office, especially at the local level, where they are capable of advancing the public interest.