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Nightline vs. BBC

Nightline vs. BBC .

Nightline vs BBC: No wonder Ted Koppel voted with his feet

Ralph is going to be on BBC’s version of Nightline, which now employs Ted Koppel. Ralph said the international media were showing up the US media. So I tried booking him on Nightline again and a senior producer at the show said ‘no thanks.’

I asked him if he had covered the main two candidates. He said ‘yes.’

I asked why he didn’t cover the guy polling in third place. He smugly said: ‘We tend to profile the people who have the greatest chance of winning.’

I asked him if he felt there might be a catch-22. He said with a chuckle, ‘You think he would win if we put him on the program.’

I can see why Ted Koppel moved over to BBC.