Updated Election Results for Nader/Gonzalez State by State

Hold Your Heads Up High

Hold Your Heads Up High .

Against all odds.

We prevailed.

On $4 million total — what Obama raised in one day.

Nader/Gonzalez overcame ballot access obstacles.

We put our shift the power agenda on 45 state ballots.

We set the world record for campaigning in 21 towns and cities in 24 hours during our Massachusetts Marathon.

We exposed Obama and Biden for the corporate politicians they are.

(And today, ABC News is reporting that Obama wants the militarist reactionary Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff.)

We drew the line.

And together, we chose to make a stand.

You stood with hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Against the corporate militaristic machine.

Our consciences are clear.

Our hands are clean.

We made the moral choice.

History will look back and say — those Americans back in 2008 who supported Nader/Gonzalez — they were right.

So, thank you fellow traveler.

Thank you for your donations.

And your hard work.

It has been a joy — standing with you.

Fighting for justice.


The Nader Team