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Assets of America: National Coalition for the Homeless

Assets of America: National Coalition for the Homeless .

The National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) acts through grassroots mobilization, public education, and technical assistance to member groups of the coalition at the local and state level to fight homelessness in their communities. 

Homelessness is an issue that has disappeared from the mainstream political agenda, while it has worsened and spread. The NCH increases public awareness of the issue by holding conferences and distributing written publications. The NCH is one of the few groups that tracks homelessness and produces reliable studies and figures that chart the progression of homelessness to put a face on an anonymous and misunderstood section of society. 

The NCH endorses the campaign for a Living Wage and Universal Healthcare, a bill introduced to Congress that would break the growing phenomenon of the working poor by enabling the poorest Americans, including the around three million day laborers and temporary workers who risk falling into homelessness, to secure adequate housing and medical coverage.

To protect the voting rights of the homeless, the NCH attempts to register as many homeless to vote as possible, thereby empowering them in the electoral system. 

Whether lobbying the Department of Housing and Urban Development to take on homelessness issues, or raising public awareness in grassroots campaigns the NCH ensures that the homeless are not forgotten and that the issues of homeless remains on the minds of Americans. 

Please visit the National Coalition for the Homeless website: