Updated Election Results for Nader/Gonzalez State by State

Assets of America: Ballot Access News (BAN)

Assets of America: Ballot Access News (BAN) .

Ballot Access News (BAN) is the foremost source for third party candidate and ballot access issues in the US and Canada. The newsletter, once exclusively print, is now available online, with archive access dating back to 1994. Not a court ruling or an electoral board decision is passed without BAN’s comprehensive reporting and commentary, making it a unique resource for understanding the evolution of third parties and the laws that govern the electoral process. No other news source covers these issues as broadly or as deeply as BAN. 

By providing extensive and reliable reporting on seldom-covered issues that affect the constitutional rights of all Americans, BAN has proven itself to be a public advocate dedicated to an informed and active citizenry.  BAN is truly non-partisan, supporting the rights of third-part candidates to participate in elections by chronicling the bewildering election technicalities and ballot access laws that they face.

Richard Winger—the country’s premier expert on ballot access issues—founded BAN in 1985.  He produces this unique resource nearly single-handedly.

You can read Ballot Access News by going to http://www.ballot-access.org/