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Assets of America: Independent Media Center

Assets of America: Independent Media Center .

The Independent Media Center (IMC) was established in 1999 for the purpose of covering the protests against the WTO in Seattle. Independent media organizations and activists came together to form a web site where their words and footage could displayed, a necessity given the mainstream’s ignorance to the disastrous impacts of so-called "free-trade” agreements.

Today, nearly 150 independent media centers exist, each with their own web site covering local issues, demonstrations and boycotts that receive scant to zero coverage in other media outlets. This serves a crucial role in sustaining and connecting local grassroots political movements. 

The Indymedia newswire relies on open publishing, meaning that all readers are encouraged to post their articles, analysis, videos, audio clips and artwork directly to the website. 

At almost 10 years old, Indymedia’s pioneering effort in open media is an example of how collaboration among organized citizens can lead to big changes. The civic-minded people everywhere can take heart that the IMC network will grow and continue to offer an alternative to the closed and increasingly consolidated commercial media. 

Please visit Indymedia’s website :