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Breaking Point: Rehabilitated Apathetic

Breaking Point: Rehabilitated Apathetic .

Dear Ralph Nader,

I went thirty-two years without voting for U.S. President. I was a street reporter during the 1968 Democratic Convention, and the "police riot" as the Kerner Commission rightly called it, radicalized my politics. For thirty-two years I listened to apologists and propagandists for big business and American imperialism run the country, and every four years, I renewed my personal protest not to vote. The corrupt system would receive no help from me, thank you very much.

Then you surged into view, plain-spoken, erudite and earnest, and you convinced me in 2000 that you meant what you said. You wanted votes, but more than that, you wanted to be right, corporate America be damned. In bull sessions with my friends, there were gasps when I announced, "I’m voting for Nader." You’ve heard their complaints a million times — that I was "throwing away my vote" on someone who couldn’t win. Didn’t matter. I said, "I’m finally getting the chance to vote for someone I want to be President."

I voted for you again in 2004, and figured you’d probably had enough, that you’d earned a political retirement. But, my god, here you are again, and it’s 2008, and you’re still as tough and truthful as ever, and politicians from both parties think it’s open season on Nader…but still you keep on.

Okay. You’re in, I’m in. I’m on a fixed income, but I’ll give what I can. I’m a writer with limited time to volunteer, but I’ll volunteer. Thank you for your chutzpah and your principles. I was convinced after Chicago that I’d never again vote in a U.S. presidential election, and yet here I am, ready to do it a third straight time. Maybe, if sadness ever overtakes you on the campaign trail, you will remember the radical you rallied to your side, and smile.

All good luck and best wishes,

—Nolan Zavoral, MN

—Photo above provided by supporter

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Loralynne Krobetzky
Communications Director
Nader for President 2008