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Breaking Point: Nader Nation

Breaking Point: Nader Nation .

“Goodbye Barack, Hello Ralph”

Linda – Jackson, MO

I said goodbye to Barack today after his spineless statement about the pathetic “compromise” FISA legislation which the invertebrates in the U.S. House passed.
I left a message on Obama’s website informing them I was switching my allegiances to the candidate who has the courage of his convictions. Only one Presidential aspirant I know of meets those specifications.
Hello, Ralph.

“Real Hope, Real Change in Ralph”

Nancy Hatfield - Boston, MA

You’ve got my vote, Ralph. It’s better to vote for someone whose record is real, than to vote for a “hope” of someone who is unsupported by his votes in Congress.

“Obama supporter no more”

Guenter Monkowski

Enough is enough! We don’t need a young G. W. Obama in the White House. 
The Democratic Party must think that the US citizens don’t want change, but rather a continuation of wars and a ridiculous economic policy which will even harm those they support: the rich. I will support Mr. Nader and vote for him.

If you haven’t reached your breaking point, visit www.breakingpoint08.com.
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Loralynne Krobetzky
Communications Director
Nader for President 2008