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Breaking Point: Reasonably Unreasonable

Breaking Point: Reasonably Unreasonable .

I just finished my second watching of "An Unreasonable Man". (For those of you who don’t know, this is an intriguing documentary that chronicles a good portion of Nader’s life and actions) I just can’t sit idly by any longer—watching as this two party circus dismantles America. Despite the brilliance, conviction and general intellect displayed by Nader his VP candidate Matt Gonzalez—there is no chance of a Nader victory in 2008 or ever. That is, at least not until the most important part of American Democracy, the citizen, realizes the boxes that have been placed around their power, while they mime the gestures of choice.

The media, the corporate owned spin-machine that will have no press but the idiotic spoiler argument for the Nader campaign is the first culprit. They blind us to the options that exist, including those beyond Nader, instead paid off to feed us the Obama/McCain drivel that gives us the false sense that American Democracy was built on this dichotomous “choice” between Diet Pepsi and Pepsi One. While I will concede that either major candidate will be an improvement on the George W. Bush presidency, I will not be so foolish to expect any real change. If the corporations keep fattening their wallets, McCain and Obama will change nothing—except that which they are paid to; even at the expense of rights, freedom and common sense.

Throughout American history 3rd parties have been the true instruments of change in this country, even when not in office. (Anyone looked up George Washington’s party affiliation lately?) They helped to illustrate that American Democracy was about a real choice, choices on the issues that mattered to the face and future of this country—and many times the world. So why then is a man with a record like Nader has built spurned and called a “spoiler” because he’s the “un-cola” in this race? Simply because some purchased corporate Senator fat cat might find their power lessened and their wallet thinner, while the boxes built around the American public are slowly cut away.

The second enemy facing the survival of this country is a lack of critical thinking on the part of its constituency and the failure of our education system to teach them how to do it. Let me sum this up simply: Do you really know what your candidate stands for? (Have you checked that their voting/political record CONFIRMS this?) If your answer is no, you need to look no further to find a serious flaw in your selection of representation.

If your answer is yes, I say: Do you agree with those stances? (Or at least a good *majority* of issues that matter to you?) If yes, then your vote is well placed and well earned no matter the candidate, this is Democracy in action! If no, why is it that you vote for them? Have you looked at all the choices you have? Party loyalty is not Democracy. Rather, it is an attempt to turn the races into popularity contests that are based on the size of a candidate’s mob. Challenge yourself and choose via careful thought. This too is Democracy in its purest form. THINK.

Many of you, with research and time, will be shocked to find that what you may have known or thought was terribly wrong. Many of you will not. To me it is this very act of realization and critical thinking that the Nader/Gonzalez campaign represents. Ralph and Matt challenge citizens DAILY to act and learn. I have searched and I have learned. I found Nader/Gonzalez to be the ONLY CHOICE for me in 2008. They stand on issues that matter to me. http://www.votenader.org/issues/ (each link is clickable)

In closing, let me note that my vote for Nader/Gonzalez is not and will not be wasted. My vote is for a candidate that represents me and my citizenship in this great country. So long as candidates like Ralph Nader are there to show what true choice means, they are spoilers of nothing. Rather they can be the catalysts in the long process of saving not only our political system, but the United States of America.

If these things make me the supporter of “An Unreasonable Man,” then I am proud of it. In fact I may become “Unreasonable” myself.
—Benjamin R. Nowak
26, Wausau, WI

Photo above provided by Doris and David Greenwood of RI

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Loralynne Krobetzky
Communications Director
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