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Breaking Point: Snatching Inspiration from the Jaws of Defeat

Breaking Point: Snatching Inspiration from the Jaws of Defeat .

I supported Ralph Nader from the beginning when he declared his intention to run on Meet the Press. Then over the summer as I lost touch with the news, and subsequently, the media blackout, I started to lean towards Obama because I admired his background: Ivy League education based on merit, community organizer, single parent. Then I returned to college, was thrust back into the mainstream, and quickly picked up on the ridiculousness of the mainstream media and its portrayal of the presidential race. My support has grown for Nader as I have witnessed the systematic blackout of third parties in the media, in the debates, in my university’s political discussions. My support has grown as I watch the false hopes portrayed by Obama supporters, in the selection of a seriously unqualified vice president (Palin), in the media discussions that she actually is legitimate, in Obama’s moves away from his earlier progressive proclamations, in the ignorance of important issues like corporate power, the prevalence of non-issues like lipstick on pitbulls, and how media discussions of the candidates rarely - if ever -discuss the details of the candidates’ respective policies.

But the thing that most affirms my choice of Ralph Nader are my discussions with older people who have been beaten down by the political, social, and corporate forces in this world. So many older people that I have talked to have lost all faith in our political system. It is easy to see why so many people withdraw from the public discourse. They feel like what they say or do does not matter. And in our current political climate, it doesn’t. Seeing the defeat in too many people was my breaking point.

—Dan Watts
  Hoosiers for Nader

Photo above provided by a supporter.

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Loralynne Krobetzky
Communications Director
Nader for President 2008