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Breaking Point: The Real McCoy

Breaking Point: The Real McCoy .
I’m 39 years old; I have never voted in my life. There are many reasons as to why, none of which I will bore you with. I saw Mr. Nader on C-Span the other day, he will get my first vote as an American citizen. That is all.

Mr. Nader,
Congratulations for standing up and supporting the American Taxpayer for all these years. As a registered(conservative)Democrat for 38 years, I have decided to change my party affiliation to Independent. I certainly admire your tenacity and want thank you on behalf of all Americans that have come to understand often, as a result of your irrepressible energies that the current two party system has become untenable and that it is crucial for our country to have a viable third party choice.
Stay well.
—Jonathan Galin
  Anchorage, Alaska

I just saw you (Ralph Nader) on CNN which prompted me to visit your website. As I read through your stance on the issues I realized you stand for everything I do. Prior to today I was going to vote for Obama. Not anymore.

Ralph Nader has my vote now.

Thank you for explaining your agenda in a clear, concise manner. This is the kind of straight talk and ACTION that will make America great once again, and restore our good reputation in the world.

Thank you!
—Joel Nethery
  Redding, CA

Dear Mr. Nader,
On October 21st, I attended your Seattle rally along with my husband and brother. Two days have passed since then and I just wanted to say that your words are still buzzing in our house! My husband, who was until then an Obama supporter, has been watching your videos on youtube non-stop, and has also starting reading your books that I’ve had on my shelf for years! I am proud to say that you have our whole family hooked now! My husband and I have been very moved by your message and will pledge our support to you as long as you are running. Never again will we vote for the "least worst". Our first child is due in the next three weeks, and we hope that someday he will get to see a president like you or Mr. Gonzalez in office. Please know that our hearts are with you, our votes have been cast to you, and our lives have been so inspired by your cause. Much luck to you and your running mate!
Be well,
—Jamie Kostek

Photo above provided by a supporter.

If you haven’t reached your breaking point, visit www.breakingpoint08.com.
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Loralynne Krobetzky
Communications Director
Nader for President 2008