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Jail Time Not Bail Time - Stop the Bailout

To illustrate how little has changed in four years, other than conditions becoming worse, the 2008 Nader/Gonzalez campaign is posting these policy positions on various injustices, necessities, and redirections that were prepared initially for the 2004 Nader/Camejo campaign. Such a short historical context should give our supporters and viewers an even greater sense of urgency to stop the corporate interests' and the corporate governments' autocratic control -- and the resulting deterioration -- of our society and country.

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In late September,  Senator Obama said to the Democrats – vote for the bailout. Senator McCain said to the Republicans – vote for the bailout. President Bush said to the Congress – vote for the bailout.

But the American people were fed up. They told their members of Congress – if you vote for the bailout, we will vote against you.

And now, the action is shifting from the corporate occupied territory of Washington, D.C., back to the country. Where the uprising continues. Nader/Gonzalez is taking the lead. Standing with the American people. Against the corporate Republicans and corporate Democrats.

From the beginning, we were against the McCain/Obama/Bush bailout. And now we stand with the American people, in the electoral arena, against the corporate campaigns of McCain and Obama.

The "sustained orgy of excess and reckless behavior" (as Dallas Federal Reserve chief Richard Fischer put it) would never have happened on our watch.

In October, we’re hoping to sustain the grassroots uprising against the bailout. So please, hit the donate button now, and give whatever you can afford to Nader/Gonzalez.

We’re building on September’s uprising.
And hoping for an October surprise.
Onward to November.